1st Deputy CEO, Head of the Scientific and Methodology Council
1st Deputy CEO, Head of the Scientific and Methodology Council. A graduate of the Moscow Energy Institute. A Candidate of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics. A honorary professor of the Moscow department of the International Academy of Architecture.

Additional education: Environmental Audit from the International Independent Institute of Ecology and Politics, the Moscow Institute of Management.

An organiser of the Moscow Municipal Environmental Committee (1988-2000); the first head of the Moscow state environmental expert review board; an active drafter of the EIA procedure and economic mechanism for use of natural resources in Russia.

A member of the environmental expert review council of the Russian State Environmental Committee (1991-1995); a member of the board of directors of the Moscow Guild of Environmental Organisations (2001-2008); a member of the expert council of the Moscow City Duma’s Environmental Policy Commission (2002-2007); an expert of the Committee for Natural Resource Management and Ecology of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (2007 – presently); a member of the Public Chamber of Russia (2014-2015).

A drafter of the Moscow Master Plan (1999) and the Moscow Construction Norms and Rules (MGSN-99); a principal developer of the EIA and Master Plans for Togliatti (2002), Voronezh (2004), Kazan (2005), numerous industrial and civil construction projects, substantiation of sanitary protection zones, facilities for the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

The author of over 20 publications in specialised Russian periodicals and magazines on urban development and environment.