Head of the Radiation Control Laboratory, SHANECO Siberia
Born in 1953. Graduated from the Far Eastern State University in Vladivostok majoring in nuclear and physical analysis methods and radioecology.

Additional education: a certificate in Radiological Safety and Control from the Siberian Federal University, 2015; a certificate in Current Issues in Radioecology from the Siberian Federal University, 2012; a certificate in Radiological safety in emergencies. Dose estimation. Radiation control techniques at different emergency stages from NIIRG, 2011; a certificate in Radiological Safety and Control from the Kontrol i Bezopasnost Training Centre, 2011; a certificate in Radiation Control and Protection from the Russian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Studies, 2008; the retraining diploma from the Primorsky Institute of Retraining and Advanced Training for Civil Servants, 1995-1997.

Worked as a senior lecturer at the Siberian Federal University.

Joined SHANECO Siberia in 2015.

Currently heads the Radiation Control Laboratory.

Previous jobs include the Krasnoyarsk regional centre of hygiene and epidemiology, municipal executive bodies in Vladivostok, and the Chemical Institute of the Far Eastern department of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

Participated in various projects as an investigator, principal investigator, scientific consultant, team leader with responsibility for the following aspects: nuclear and physical analysis of environmental components, radioecology, radiological surveys, state monitoring of radiological safety, teaching and training.